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Progressive/ Post/ Math Rock

VIN was formed in the spring of 2016 with the intentions to write atmospheric, heavy, dynamic and emotional music that is both impactful and challenging. The Minneapolis quintet strives to push the boundaries of their sound with a natural evolution between each release; 2017's S/T EP a blend of massive ambience and churning feedback, 2018's "Bloom", a 3-song-played as one EP full of heavy aggression, and 2020's debut LP "Granule", which takes the next step forward in the groups sound, but with a force thats rooted closer in the light vs the dark.

Minty Hippo


The best part of being in a band is playing alongside people who are equally dedicated to good music. Minty Hippo strives to create an experience that is just that - good, authentic, honest music. We're five musicians that love to play and groove, whether that's adding our own spin to pre-existing music, or manifesting our own feelings and experiences into a song, it's all 100% authentically us.

Keep for Cheap

Indie Folk-Rock

Keep for Cheap is an indie folk-rock band from Saint Paul, MN, characterized by strong, harmonious vocals and flower-powery instrumentals. Formed by fronting members Autumn Vagle and Kate Malanaphy, the group of five began their musical career with their single, “Day Without You.” Following that release, KfC released “Get Along,” their debut EP of five songs in February 2020. Expect exciting new releases from this group soon, as there is much more they want to say.

Breathe and Repeat


We are a three piece emo - shoegaze - punk - post- whatever band from the middle of nowhere.



Founded in Bellingham, WA, Fluorite is a collaborative series of tracks entirely composed in the studio (now remotely!), primarily featuring different musicians from the Pacific Northwest, often working together for the first time. The project is now based in the Twin Cities, and features artists from all over the world!